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Top 10 Beach Cities in South Florida to Live In

By Alberto S.
Top 10 Beach Cities in South Florida to Live In image

Are you curious to know which South Florida beaches offer the best living experience? Today, we’re going to tell you all about South Florida’s top beaches, highlighting the best ones to visit and live at, and provide insights into what each has to offer.

1. Miami Beach

Miami Beach, a blend of man-made and natural beauty, operates under a curfew from 10 pm to 5 am, primarily as a safety measure against crime. Situated on the Atlantic Ocean near the Gulf of Mexico, residents may experience some tidal flooding, but this generally doesn’t pose a significant threat to properties.

A notable highlight of Miami Beach is Millionaire’s Row on Collins Avenue, which goes from 41st to 62nd Street. This prestigious area is home to luxurious buildings such as Casablanca, Canyon Ranch, Gardens on the Bay, Le Trianon, and L’Excellence, offering some of the most upscale residences in the area.

Despite its reputation for exclusivity, Miami Beach caters to diverse needs with various shops, schools, and a convenient 25-minute drive to the airport.

Beach Key details:

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2. South Beach

South Beach, known as SoBe by its residents, is the vibrant southern portion of Miami Beach. Here, residents prefer walking over driving, as most amenities are easily accessible, and the weather typically favors this lifestyle.

Key neighborhoods in South Beach include City Center, which hosts the famous Lincoln Road; West Avenue; Flamingo, also known as Lummus; and Sofi. For those considering moving to this area, luxury skyscrapers like ICON at South Beach, Portofino Tower, or Murano at Portofino are worth visiting.

According to GetMovedToday, a relocation company in South Florida, many foreigners seeking a beach lifestyle and associated activities often choose South Beach as their preferred destination to move to.

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3. Hallandale Beach

Hallandale Beach, within Miami-Dade county, is often praised for its calm atmosphere by residents. Many have shared that adapting to life in Hallandale Beach was seamless, describing the transition as ‘a breeze.’

Known for its laid-back vibe, Hallandale Beach also offers a relatively affordable cost of living. A notable attraction is Gulfstream Park, one of the United States’ premier horse racing venues.

While properties like Pasadena Gardens, Beach Club I, Beach Club II, Beach Club III, and Fairways Riviera stand out, there are numerous other apartments worth exploring in the area.

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4. Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne, often referred to as ‘The Key,’ is a not crowded island-like locale, connected to Miami by a bridge. The lifestyle here is distinctively more laid-back compared to the rest of Miami, despite their proximity.

Key Biscayne is a self-sufficient community, boasting schools, hospitals, stores, and restaurants. A popular spot among residents is the local yacht club. This area holds great appeal for retirees, offering a relaxed way of life.

While most residents are homeowners, it’s important to note that the cost of living is relatively high. The beach, which is pet-friendly, offers paid parking and maintains a moderate level of popularity.

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5. Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach, located between Dania Beach and Golden Beach, spans 30 square miles. This beach is well-equipped, with numerous vendors providing all the essentials for a beach day, and parking is reasonably priced at around $20 for a full day.

While it’s a substantial area, Hollywood Beach maintains a quieter scene compared to Miami. For those considering moving to Hollywood Beach, apartment buildings such as Circ Residents, 1818 Park, Cortland Hollywood, or Alvista Hollywood are worth exploring.

The beach is particularly famous for its boardwalk, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a more relaxed and less noisy environment than Miami.

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6. Las Olas Beach

Las Olas Beach, located in Fort Lauderdale, is conveniently located just a mile from downtown and a 15-minute drive from Fort Lauderdale Airport. The beach provides public parking and rental options for various beach items. It’s a known spot for relaxation rather than parties, as alcohol is prohibited; however, many yacht parties occur nearby.

For those considering residency, buildings like Icon Las Olas Luxury Apartments, Amaray Las Olas by Windsor Apartments, Alluvion Las Olas, and 10x Riverwalk are notable options. Living in this area means easy access to multiple shopping options, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Beach Key Details:

7. Sunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles Beach, affectionately known as Florida’s Riviera, is open all day and offers very affordable parking for beachgoers. It’s an ideal place for those who cherish relaxation, boasting a low crime rate and a sense of safety that’s hard to match. If you’re considering Sunny Isles Beach, you might want to explore the Muse Residences, notably the 10th tallest building in the state.

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8. Delray Beach

Delray Beach, while sharing many attributes with larger cities in Southern Florida, has the distinct advantage of less traffic congestion. It’s a place where many enjoy the beach market, a variety of good restaurants, and excellent living options.

If you’re considering a move, some notable apartment buildings include South of Atlantic Luxury Apartments, Windsor at Delray Beach, and 5th Ave Delray.

Beach Key Details:

9. Palm Beach

Palm Beach may be a small town, but it doesn’t fall short on upscale boutiques, schools, and restaurants. Much like some of the other beaches we’ve discussed, the majority of its residents are retirees.

Living in Palm Beach comes with a high cost, catering predominantly to a wealthy demographic. While you can certainly enjoy a fun night out, the nightlife here is more subdued compared to other areas, with a greater emphasis on relaxation.

For potential residents, exploring options like Parkline Palm Beaches Apartments and El Cid Apartments is recommended.

Beach Key Details:

10. Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach, situated north of Fort Lauderdale, is a neighborhood with much to offer. It has various restaurants, beach activities like snorkeling, and even a contemporary art museum. Living costs here are more affordable than other beaches we’ve discussed, with more affordable rental options.

However, it’s important to be aware of some drawbacks, such as a somewhat higher crime rate and limited public transportation, which can be challenging for those without a car.

Despite these concerns, Pompano Beach features appealing residential options like Bell Lighthouse Point Apartments, Envy Pompano Beach, and Morea Apartments.

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5 Dog-Friendly Beaches in South Florida Worth Visiting

Dog on a paddle board.
Dog-friendly beaches.

South Florida is a paradise for dog lovers, boasting a variety of beaches where your furry friends can run freely. While each beach has its own dog-friendly hours, a general rule of thumb is that canines are welcome from 10 am to 5 pm daily.

To ensure a hassle-free visit, it’s always wise to check specific timings for the beach you plan to visit, but you’ll usually find the 10 am to 5 pm window quite reliable.

  1. P.J. Meli park in Dania Beach. This park is better known as the Precious Paws dog park and is open from 9 am to 8 pm. Technically, there are 2 parks, one for smaller dogs and one for bigger dogs. There are lots of games for your dog to be entertained with, and even an agility course.
  2. Haulover Park in Sunny Isles Beach. This park is also split into 2, one area for smaller dogs, and one area for dogs weighing over 35 lbs. This dog park is open all week from 8 am – 3 pm, but has special off-leash hours too.
  3. Canine Beach in Fort Lauderdale. This is a beach that requires your dog to be on a leash. Many enjoy bringing their dog to Canine Beach, and yearly passes are available, however you must provide vaccine documentation. This beach is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 
  4. East Greynolds Park in North Miami Beach. The dog park here is called Northeast Regional Dog Park. Dogs here can be on or off leash, and you can find amenities such as water fountains, and dog bags in case you forgot yours.
  5. Bark Beach in SurfSide. Also known as the Bark Park, this dog park is open from sunrise to sunset, however it’s closed for maintenance on Wednesdays, from 10 am – 12 pm. If you have more than 2 dogs, make sure you bring a friend, because there is a 2 dog per person limit.

In conclusion

There are many beaches to consider when looking for where to live in Southern Florida, and they all have different things to offer. One thing you should remember when choosing a beach to call your home, is the general vibe of the city and the lifestyle. Take your time making this decision, and use this information as part of your research.

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