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Know immediately how much is your home worth

The home value estimation obtained by PropertiesMiami is not 100% accurate; but it's very close to what the real value of the property would be.

How Our Home Value Estimation Works

Your Home Valuation in Seconds

Enter an accurate property address

This is the most important part that can initiate the process of calculating your home valuation. You need to provide an accurate property address. Example: Street #, Unit, City, State and Zip Code

Validation of Your Home Address & Neighborhood

Our home valuation calculator will start checking the property address you’ve provided on the form above to compare previous sales of similar houses or condos in your location.

Comparison with Other Home Estimates Online

Our crawler will start exploring every major home estimate calculator online to create a median price based on all the values collected. The value is based upon the average figures from the data collected. We don’t provide that value; but we’d like to have it in mind.

Checking of Sales History of the Property

This next step focuses on the checking of your property’s sales history to gather data that would reveal all previous sales and the corresponding price for each. From here, an estimated price based on current market will be generated.

Checking of the Association of Realtors Estimated Value

Our crawler will then go to the main home value calculator tool that every realtor is provided with. It will input your address in their system to generate another cost estimate that’s based on realtor’s official calculator.

How to Get a Better Home Valuation?

Focus on Non-Expensive Rehabs

A painting job is something that’s basic which you and your partners can do by yourselves. For example, if your kitchen could use some improvement, painting the walls and cabinets can make a major difference at a minimal cost. You would be amazed with what affordable DIY projects can do to increase the value of your home.

Good Pictures

Pictures with excellent quality and taken at good angles can give your home a better valuation. It is crucial that you provide decent photos, preferably taken by a professional, to generate good impression and to attract the interest of potential home buyers.

Thoughtful Additions

Minor details can increase the value of your home such as high quality and durable locks, spacious cupboard, roomy wardrobe and additional storage spaces. A lot of homebuyers are taking such practical details into consideration because they are essential for comfort and safety.

New Fixtures

Since kitchen and bathroom remodeling are both expensive and time consuming, your next option would be to upgrade your home’s fixtures. Things that shine tend to get the attention of homebuyers giving them a nice impression. Changing your kitchen faucet, shower head, shower knob and bathroom fixtures into something new and flashy can clearly make a difference.

Environment-Friendly Features

Windows that enhance natural light, basic energy-saving appliances, LED lights and solar-powered products may increase the value of your home since a lot of homebuyers are now into the “clean and green” habit. Such thoughtful additions that encourage energy conservation methods can give your home a healthy and clean vibe.

Fix Broken Items

Door latches that don’t work, peeling paint on furniture, loose tiles, dripping taps, broken windows and moldy sealants are just some minor issues that can turn a homebuyer off. Fixing these minor bumps doesn’t cost a lot of money yet can increase the value of your home. Make sure to pay attention to these small details to achieve better home value.