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Miami Home Value Estimation

Discover how much your Miami home is worth

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Our online home value estimation system is great to get an idea of your property's value, but feel free to contact any of our top Miami agents for a formal valuation of your home.

Miami home value estimation

How Our Home Value Estimation Works

Get your Miami's home valuation instantly.

Enter Your Full Property Address Accurately

Providing your true street name, house, or unit number as well as your city, state, and zip code will ensure that you get the most accurate valuation as the system will use this information to calculate your home property value.

Neighborhood Comparison

Our Properties Miami's home valuation calculator will first assess the valuation of the neighborhood your property is in for the area's general value. It will then focus on properties that match yours and have been sold recently. This means if you are selling a condo, the other condos that have been sold in the same area recently will be used to generate a comparative valuation.

Compare Our Results With Other Home Value Estimates

To be sure, our system will gather the estimates that have been made of similar properties by other online home valuation estimate systems. You won't see this in the final results, but it helps us gather the data we need to be as accurate as possible regarding the current market data.

Checking the Sales History of Your Property

Now that we have comparative values and current market data for your property, our system will need to look into your property's sales history. Taking a look at the progression of value will assist in estimating the current price of your property.

Checking the Miami Association of Realtors Information

Every realtor in Miami is provided with access to a centralized home value calculator that our system will use to compare against what has been found by searching for market data and sales history. Once all the data mentioned has been properly assessed and compared, you will get to see the final estimation of your home's value in just a few moments. All this will happen in just a few moments, so you get a quick idea of your property's value. Remember, for an official valuation, one of our expert team members will be happy to help.

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How to Get a Better Home Valuation

Non-Expensive Renovations Can Increase the Home's Value

A lick of paint can refresh a home beautifully and is a lot less expensive than intensive reconstruction or changes. If possible, simple DIY renovations will be inexpensive and can greatly increase the value of your home.

Good Quality Pictures

There are plenty of technological options for improving the quality of images today, but that still doesn't beat a trained photographer's skills. Taking photos at the right angles and with optimal lighting can make a world of difference in showcasing your home's quality. These impressive images will increase the valuation of your home in the minds of potential buyers. Better photos can mean a better valuation, but they will always help potential buyers see the best elements of your home.

Thoughtful Touches

The advice that less is more when showcasing your home for sale is true. You need to leave your home open to the interpretation of potential buyers so they can see themselves living there. So without adding extra items to your home, add thoughtful additions to improve the experience of being in the home. Expanding storage space to be a walk-in closet or breaking a wall down to create a more spacious living area, even adding simple security measures could be great ways of making your home an even more desirable living space.

New Fixtures

If you have a budget for renovation to increase your home's value, renovating with new fixtures can make a wonderful difference. Fully remodeling the kitchen and bathroom, or bathrooms, might be too expensive and time-consuming, but updating the fixtures can increase the value of your home. Changing the faucets and showerheads to a more modern or appealing design can make a world of difference in your home's perceived value that potential buyers have.

Adding Environmentally Friendly Features

A home that is well-lit with plenty of natural light is highly sought after, not only for its aesthetic value but because making the most of natural lighting lowers the need for electrical use and the bill for it. The addition of solar power, LED, and energy-saving lights and appliances are appealing for their long-term financial savings as well as their environmentally friendly supply of energy. Double glazing on windows and other insulation methods that assist in controlling indoor temperatures are also wonderful for reducing the use of energy. Many additions could be made to a home to encourage environmentally conscious homebuyers to pay much closer attention to your home due to the added value of being more environmentally friendly.

Repair Any Broken Items

Any obvious areas that show a lack of maintenance will lower the overall value of your home as new buyers will have to set aside money to repair any concerning areas. These issues could be simple things that have slipped past your attention over time, but things like dripping taps, loose tiles, peeling paint, and moldy sealant are not going to help get you a better price for your property. Repair any minor issues so that you can achieve a better home value.

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