Remote rental applications are ideal for foreigners and out-of-state applicants to submit rental applications to rental properties and are helpful for prospective renters aiming for the most demanded properties with a limited budget and don't require in-person showings.

Real estate agents prioritize working and doing in-person showings/tours with prospective tenants who are likely to get their offers approved due to large budgets or interest in not as competitive properties in a highly demanded real estate market. This service allows applicants to use a real estate agent service with the only drawback of not having in-person showings.

What this service includes:

  1. 1. A licensed real estate agent to contact and represent you.
  2. 2. A standard and safe lease agreement between tenant and landlord.
  3. 3. Access to over 10,000 properties for rent in South Florida.
  4. 4. Fast rental application submissions.
  5. 5. No fees paid by tenant.
  6. 6. Out-of-state and Foreigner friendly service.