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Our Miami real estate experts will sell your house fast to the best buyer for the best price.

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Fast Cash Buyers

PropertiesMiami has built the widest network of property investors and private fast cash buyers who can buy your Miami property fast with their access to fast cash and private funding. If you have a really short time frame for your sale, your agent will leverage this network to sell your property in as short a time as 1 week. This is the best option for anyone who wants to sell their house fast in Miami.

Miami home cash buyers and investors are simply expanding their portfolios across Miami, so there is no delay when they want to purchase a property if it matches their investment requirements. After being informed that your property does suit their investment criteria, they won't hesitate to buy your home fast and access the needed cash or private funding needed to close the purchase. Depending on your home's locations and specific features, your expert PropertiesMiami agent will decide if this is the best route for you to get the best selling price and the shortest sale time.

Expert Real Estate Agents

Several traits set our excellent real estate agents apart from other selling agents, starting with specialization. At PropertiesMiami, we understand the value of truly in-depth expertise provided by a real estate agent who lives in the area they specialize in. All of our agents are specialized in their own local areas to make the most of their professional and personal connections and experience. Another key skill is listening carefully to every home seller's motivation for selling to clearly understand their expectations and particular circumstances. Because each one of our real estate selling agents listens carefully to your needs, our skilled selling agents can ensure the best outcome possible.

Being client-centric in this way ensures PropertiesMiami agents put the needs of their clients first in every decision and interaction. Their proactivity means they will make the most of any opportunities that come up, and each of them will actively seek out optimal home sales. This proactivity feeds into their regular and transparent communication with their home sellers and home buyers to ensure no one is left hanging. Ultimately, all these skills combined and pushed forward with tenacity will ensure you are in the best hands when supported by our PropertiesMiami agents.

Sell Your House With the Best

Our perfect blend of conventional and online real estate marketing keeps us at the top of the real estate game.

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Local Real Estate Agents

There is an intimate knowledge that local real estate agents have about an area that is priceless in the real estate arena. PropertiesMiami understands the true value of making the most of such a valuable skill set. We also understand it is not something that can be trained; it's a very special set of experiences, detailed knowledge, and lived connections. A local real estate agent can add a personal touch that doesn't come from reading a portfolio. They can offer a greater level of detail like where the best cafes or restaurants are, what the traffic is like during rush hour, which stores have the best goods, which home renovation vendors have the most competitive rates, and which schools offer programs suited your needs.

They would also have the quickest line to information on who is selling, buying, and investing in more real estate. The greatest key to their success is they will already have an intimate understanding of real estate value in the area and will have a good idea of the sales history of many homes therein.

Sell Fast With Our Online Strategies

Once you list your home with us, we immediately assess whether an institution or individual on our list of Miami cash buyers and investors has matching criteria with what your home has to offer. If this is the case, your property will be promoted to them from day one. In most cases, this results in a sale, but if not, we send over our expert photographer to take the best photos of your home possible. For luxury homes, we will showcase the opulence and beauty of your home with video and aerial photography. This carefully crafted content will be used to showcase the best aspects of your selling home for two days on our main page that receives over 6,000 hits per day. This usually gets the needed attention for a selling home to have several offers made after only two days.

If your house has not been sold after a week, we list your home in a public database used by realtors called the MLS. This exposes your property to more than 500 websites such as,,, and A purchase agreement is usually signed in 5-7 days after a house is listed with PropertiesMiami. In some cases, it can take up to two weeks, but no more than that is needed to finalize a purchase.

Sell Your House With the Best

Our perfect blend of conventional and online real estate marketing keeps us at the top of the real estate game.

  • Service icon Experienced Real Estate Agents
  • Service icon Massive Online Exposure
  • Service icon Fast Home Offers
  • Service icon Local Real Estate Agents
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Sell Fast Improving Your Home

Home improvements to sell your house faster don't need to break the bank and this minor investment will always result in a better selling price for your property. PropertiesMiami real estate agents will always give you the best advice on what to improve to increase your current home value. Because our selling real estate agents specialize in their own area, they can even suggest the best vendors that can provide needed renovation services. Some common areas of improvement to consider are the external facade or paint, indoor paint or wallpaper updates, any fixtures that could be updated like faucets, showerheads, and cupboards.

Even making changes to the lighting and updating to energy-saving light bulbs positively affects the selling process. Whatever eyecatching details that could be improved to increase your chances of meeting your asking price or even beating, our real estate agents will do their best to guide you to the right updates to make.

Sell Your Home to Miami Investors

PropertiesMiami has invested greatly in developing an expansive network of real estate investors. All of these investors are ready to purchase houses and condos anywhere in Miami. All of the individuals and institutions on our investor's list are accredited, meaning they have a high acquisition level and continue to purchase more real estate to increase their long-term profits.

If you have a really short time frame for the sale of your property, PropertiesMiami is the best choice for you as we have a direct link to many different property investors who will be interested in purchasing your home quickly and painlessly.

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