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Sell House in Miami

How Much to Sell Your House For

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Pricing a home for sale shouldn't be a mystery for homeowners. According to a study made in 2022, at least 72% of homeowners in Miami don't know how to justify the listing price of their property. Discover how professional listing agents appraise a home and get an estimated home value to list or adjust your home selling price.

  1. 1. Location

    Every city, block, and neighborhood has different appreciation rates and distinct base prices for properties with equal features. In Miami, properties near the ocean, in a newly developed area, or near popular shopping centers have a higher base price and appreciation rate than properties that aren't.

  2. 2. Home Features

    The features your home offers to home buyers matter. Property features that affect the listing asking price are the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, property's view, parking spaces, flooring type, year built, open kitchen, building amenities, rental restrictions, and yearly expenses.

  3. 3. Market's Demand

    The market's demand is determined by the number of active selling properties and the number of homebuyers in a specific location. It's common to see plenty of buyers shopping for real estate when interest rates are low and few buyers when interest rates are high. A healthy real estate market ratio is one listed home for sale for every three buyers.

  4. 4. Seller's Needs

    There are two types of sellers in real estate, one that has no rush and wants negotiations to sell at the highest possible price, and another one that has to sell fast and doesn't mind listing the property at a lower price than market value to get a quick closing. Based on the seller's needs, the listing price of a property varies.

How to Sell Your Home in Miami

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1. Contact Listing Agents in Miami.

Research for reputable real estate companies selling similar real estate to the type of real estate you're trying to sell. Before signing any paperwork, meet your realtor and ask them for their opinion on the possible asking price, their marketing strategies, and minor changes they suggest doing to maximize the listing asking price.

Negotiating the sale listing agreement

2. Negotiate the Listing Agreement.

The listing agreement between a homeowner and a real estate brokerage is called "Exclusive Right to Sell". In this document, homeowners and real estate brokerages agree on the home selling price, the real estate commission after closing the transaction, and the timeframe given to the brokerage to find a buyer and sell the homeowner's property.

Property staging

3. Stage Your Property.

Get your property ready and make those small adjustments suggested by your agent to maximize your property's value. We typically recommend replacing outdated curtains, light switches, paint, and kitchen cabinets.

Real estate listing pictures

4. Take High-Quality Pictures and Videos.

Use the services of a professional real estate photographer and videographer that knows how to picture-perfect your property for prospective buyers. According to a study made in 2022, buyers are more interested in properties with natural light and empty spaces, so before taking any picture, don't forget to open the curtains and leave the rooms as empty as possible.

Promote selling real estate online

5. Promote the Sale of Your Property Online.

Marketing is a key aspect of selling real estate. Real estate agents typically promote their new listings on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service),,,,, and other real estate sites. Experienced real estate agents, besides using these sites, also use their own buyers' list to send e-mail campaigns, social media advertising, and the brokerage's website to promote their new listing as a featured listing.

Checking homebuyer offers

6. Review Buyer Offers for Your Home.

After listing your property for sale, your real estate agent will start receiving offers from prospective buyers. A purchase offer states the person or company purchasing, proof of funds or a pre-approval letter, the expiration date, the offered purchase price, the financing method, the expected closing date, the buyer's contingencies, and required inspection days. Every formal offer has an expiration date, so your real estate agent is required to present you with every offer before reaching its expiration date.

Selling listing under contract

7. Accept a Buyers Offer.

After receiving an offer that you like, notify your agent so they can prepare the final purchase contract that will include everything that you agreed on in the initial buyer's offer. Once every party has signed, the purchase contract will need to be forwarded to a title company to finalize the selling transaction. Purchase contracts have an expiration date, and if the property doesn't fully close before expiring, this document becomes void.

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Realtors to Sell Your House in Miami

The following listing agents are considered the best realtors to sell real estate in Miami. High sales volume, reputation, and experience make them among the top 1% of listing agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions Miami homeowners have when listing their houses for sale.

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Repairs to Increase Home Value

The following improvements help maximize the home selling price at a very minimal cost. When selling your home, you aim for buyers to see potential, not perfection.

Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint on doors and walls can help your home appeal to more buyers. We suggest painting walls and doors with bright colors like white, beige, or vanilla.

Remove Carpet

According to a study, 90% of people don't like carpets. Replacing carpet with vinyl or any other flooring alternative will help your property look updated and should help maximize the listing price.

Replace Light Switches

At least 75% of properties in Miami have outdated light switches from 1980. Replacing light switches is simple and inexpensive, and it can give your property a more modern look helping the overall appeal of your property to buyers.

Replace Outdated Curtains

Replacing outdated curtains is very inexpensive and helps with the overall look of your property. Don't overspend on curtains, and don't install smart curtains unless you're planning to list your property for over $1M.

Replace Outdated Doors

If your property has damaged doors, then painting is not an option. There are a variety of room doors available at any hardware store. Purchase a regular door, and don't overspend unless your property is considered luxury real estate.

Empty Rooms

According to a study made in 2022, homebuyers are more attracted to listed properties with little to no furniture in them. Emptying the rooms of your home can help prospective buyers vision themselves in it, which leads to more interest in your property.

Update Cabinets

Surprisingly, cabinets are one of the main home features that homebuyers remember after seeing a property. If the property you're selling has damaged cabinets, try to replace them with a non-expensive option from your hardware store.

Open Kitchen

An open kitchen is the only expensive improvement that returns the investment after selling your house. Miami homebuyers love open kitchens, and it can drastically increase 5-7% of the total home selling price. It's easy to overspend on this improvement, so get multiple quotes.

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