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Client Testimonials

PropertiesMiami clients have plenty to say, check out their experience with our Miami hard money lenders!

Andy Smith

Loan Term: 30-Year Fixed Loan

When I decided to purchase my first real estate in Miami, I wasn’t sure what loan to choose. But after speaking with PropertiesMiami, they were able to give me detailed information on each loan they offered and helped me choose the one right for me specifically. With this loan, I’ve been able to budget my monthly expenses over a longer time period.

Miami Beach, FL

Ashley Walters

Loan Term: Personal Loan

I am so ecstatic that I found PropertiesMiami to help me with my real estate purchase here in Miami FL! They’ve been such a pleasure to work with and my personal loan helped me get back on my feet, and because of my loan, my property has only flourished since I took the first steps to get it!

Miami, FL

Stacy Carter

Loan Term: Bridge Loan

Because of the bridge loan that the team of PropertiesMiami told me about, I was able to pay off other debts and now my property is doing better than ever!

Miami Gardens, FL

Justin Armond

Loan Term: Fix & Rent Loan

I needed to find someone fast when I was ready to renovate my property and then rent it out, PropertiesMiami was on it! Thank you for getting me my loan and helping me to rent out my now beautifully, renovated beach house in the heart of Miami!

North Miami Beach, FL

Tyler Turner

Loan Term: Fix & Flip Loan

This is the best real estate business in Miami! I got my “fix and flip loan” just in enough time to fix it up and then flip it! Thank you so much!

Miami, FL

Brittany Baucom

Loan Term: Bridge Loan

I was worrying for so long that I was not going to be able to get my loan due to being in debt with others. However, PropertiesMiami was there for me every step of the way and was able to supply me with a Bridge loan so that I could get things back in order and my real estate business back up and running smoothly!

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Chelsea Brown

Loan Term: 10-Year Fixed Loan

I love that PropertiesMiami was able to provide me promptly with a response, minutes after filling out my form. I chose the 10 year fixed mortgage because I didn’t want to have to pay over 30 years. This has been an absolute dream come true for my husband and I! Interest rates are low, now it's the right timing.

Miami, FL