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Find rental real estate agents in Miami to list and rent your property to qualified tenants at the highest price and with ease. All prospective tenants go through an automated and, later on, manual screening process, guaranteeing the safety of your property and a secured rent collection.

Properties Miami rental realtors will help you stage your property, take professional pictures, and market your property to a broad renter audience with a top-tier marketing and media team.

List a House for Rent in Miami

List Your Property for Rent in Miami, including:

Miami Downtown Miami Aventura Brickell Bal Harbour Coral Gables Edgewater Hallandale Hollywood Miami Beach South Beach Sunny Isles North Miami Beach Fort Lauderdale Pembroke Pines Miramar Coral Springs Davie Sunrise Plantation Pompano Beach

How to List a Property for Rent

Getting your property ready, listed, and rented with real estate agents is fast and easy. Here's the complete breakdown of the standard process for renting houses, condos, and apartments in Miami.

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1. Find a Rental Real Estate Agent.

Search online for a reputable real estate company with realtors who rent properties and have vast experience renting real estate in Miami's market.

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2. Sign the Rental Listing Agreement.

A Florida rental listing agreement needs to be signed by the real estate brokerage and the homeowner. After signing, the realtor can start marketing and helping the homeowner to get the property ready for prospective tenant showings.

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3. Staging and Marketing.

A real estate agent needs to ensure that the rental property is appealing and well-staged for interested tenants. Once the property is ready, the realtor should focus on marketing and getting the most exposure for the rental property.

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4. Receive Tenant Offers.

After marketing, the real estate agent will receive formal written offers from interested tenants. All tenant offers must indicate the tenant's legal name, move-in date, lease term, tenant responsibilities, proof of financials, and offered price.

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5. Accept a Tenant's Offer.

A real estate agent, by law, needs to present all formal written offers to the homeowner and may or may not give their opinion. The homeowner may accept any offer at any given time and let the realtor prepare the lease agreement between the landlord and the new accepted tenant.

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6. Start Collecting Rent.

In Miami, Florida, the move-in costs for a rental property are the first month, last month, and a security deposit. After signing the lease agreement, the tenant can move into the property after paying the move-in costs, and the move-in date is met. The landlord will start collecting rent on the agreed date stated in the lease agreement.

List Your Property for Rent in Miami And Nearby Areas

Our rental real estate agents are ready to list your property for rent in Miami and surrounding cities. On our first phone call, you will receive a rental price analysis for your property based on the neighborhood, recently rented properties, and the current demand in the area.

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How Much to Charge for a Rental Property

Discover how realtors price rental properties and set your base rental price before negotiating your house's rental value with your real estate agent.

  1. Rental property location

    1. Location

    The location of a property is crucial when pricing a rental property. Based on different areas, prices will vary. In South Florida, properties near the ocean are expected to be more expensive than the ones that aren't.

    Impact Score: 30%
  2. Beds and baths

    2. Bedrooms and Bathrooms

    The number of bedrooms and bathrooms a property has is important. Typically a property with a higher number of bedrooms and bathrooms will be higher in price than one with less.

    Impact Score: 15%
  3. Square footage in listing

    3. Square Footage

    There are two types of square footage metrics for a property. The living area and total area. The larger the square footage of the living area, the more rental price you can collect from your rental property. The living area of a property is the built space used daily by the resident. The total area of a property includes the living area and the non-built area of a property, which can be a garden, driveway, etc.

    Impact Score: 15%
  4. Miami property conditions

    4. Property Conditions

    A newly constructed or renovated property with new appliances and in good condition is always more appealing for tenants, and it helps increase the rental value of a property. Sometimes doing minor repairs to a property, like a fresh coat of paint, replacing light bulbs, or painting the kitchen cabinets, can help collect more rental value.

    Impact Score: 10%
  5. Indoor and outdoor amenities

    5. Indoor and Outdoor Amenities

    If your property or the building where your property is located offers amenities such as a public gym, pool, tennis court, or any other extraordinary amenities, then the asking price for your rental property could be increased.

    Impact Score: 5%
  6. Miami market supply and demand

    6. Market Supply and Demand

    The current market supply and demand for rental properties in June 2024 is high and rental prices have been rising. Market supply and demand is a big factor when determining house rental prices.

    Impact Score: 25%
Matters when pricing a rental property in Miami.
  1. Property Location: 30%
  2. Market Supply and Demand: 25%
  3. Bedrooms and Bathrooms: 15%
  4. Square Footage: 15%
  5. Property Conditions: 10%
  6. Amenities: 5%

List for Rent Questions

Homeowners have common questions regarding renting their properties with real estate agents in Miami. Here are the most frequently asked questions that our real estate agency gets when listing a property with a realtor.

  • Who pays a real estate agent on a rental transaction?

    In a rental real estate transaction, the landlord is in charge of paying the realtors' fee involved in a transaction, unless it is indicated differently in the listing agreement between the real estate company and landlord. A listing agreement will rarely require the renter/tenant to pay the realtor fees.

  • What to ask realtors before listing your property

    Before listing a property with a real estate brokerage and realtor, it's important to know their commitments. We advise asking realtors questions like:

    1. 1. Where will the rental property be posted on?
    2. 2. What are their thoughts about the rental price?
    3. 3. What additional improvements do they suggest to increase the rental value?
    4. 4. How long can it take for the property to get rented?
    5. 5. What are the realtor fees for renting?
    6. 6. When will the listing agreement expire?
  • What are the realtor fees on a rental property?

    The realtor fees for renting a property are typically one month of the agreed monthly asking price for the rental. The fee must be indicated in the listing agreement. This is the standard fee for rental transactions, but the realtor or landlord can negotiate it. It could be a percentage or a fixed dollar value. If it is a percentage, it's usually 10% of the yearly produced income. Normally, the approved realtor compensation fee is divided by the two or more realtors involved in the transaction. The landlord only pays for what he agreed on in the listing agreement.

  • Do you need a realtor to rent a house?

    No. You don't need a realtor to rent your house, but it's highly suggested to use the services of a real estate professional. It helps lower the risks of having problematic tenants, not marketing and collecting fair rental value, and having legal coverage between the tenant's and landlord's responsibilities.

  • How can you find a realtor to rent your house?

    It's always recommended to do a thorough search online for rental real estate companies and read customer reviews about each company. Once you contact a real estate company, make it clear that you want to work with an experienced real estate agent that only focuses on rental properties.

  • What is a rental listing agreement?

    A rental listing agreement is a legal document between a homeowner, which can be a company or corporation, and a real estate brokerage. Every rental listing agreement has an expiration date that can be negotiated with the real estate brokerage for a longer or shorter expiration.

  • What are the benefits of using a realtor to rent your condo?

    The reasons why you should use a real estate agent to rent your property are:

    1. 1. Maximum visibility. A professional realtor ensures maximum visibility for your property using Miami Dade and Broward MLS and partner websites such as PropertiesMiami, Zillow, Trulia, etc.
    2. 2. Tenant screening. The tenant screening service includes a credit score report, a national background report, and a rental history report of the tenant.
    3. 3. Legal binding documents. Legal documents that protect the homeowner and tenant.
    4. 4. Written tenant responsibilities. Using a realtor ensures legal protections for the homeowner if the renter fails to perform some of their responsibilities in and with the property.
    5. 5. Direct rent collection. With direct rent collection, the landlord receives direct payments from the tenant through the preferred payment method stipulated in the lease agreement.
  • What is a lease agreement?

    A lease agreement between the tenant and the landlord/homeowner is a legal document that protects both parties and indicates:

    1. 1. The property address.
    2. 2. Security deposit amounts.
    3. 3. Lease term with beginning and end dates.
    4. 4. Lease term rent amount.
    5. 5. Failure to perform clauses with penalties involved.
    6. 6. The name of the real estate brokerages involved.
    7. 7. Dates when the lease agreement was signed.
    8. 8. Total move-in costs.
    9. 9. Pet allowance and deposit amount.
    10. 10. Landlord's and Tenant's legal name.
    11. 11. Landlord's and Tenant's signatures.
  • Can you adjust the rental price of your property?

    Yes, you can adjust the rental price of your property if your rental property isn't rented or doesn't have an active/valid lease agreement. If a tenant is on a month-to-month basis, you can adjust the rental price for your property at any given time because there's no valid lease agreement or document.

  • What are the realtor fees to renew a lease agreement?

    Depending on the real estate agent performing the lease renewal, the cost of renewing a lease in Miami, Florida, may vary. Most realtors ask for a fixed fee for a yearly lease renewal, some realtors ask for a small percentage of the yearly produced income of the rental, and others don't require any payment to renew a lease.

  • What is a month-to-month tenant?

    A month-to-month tenant is a tenant that had an active lease agreement between them and the landlord and didn't renew the lease agreement before expiration.

List Your Rental Property in Miami And Nearby Areas

Our rental realtors will help you stage, market, and find the perfect renter for your house. Without commitments, contact our real estate company and let us run a preliminary rental analysis to estimate how much rent you can collect and how long it will take for your property to get rented.

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Real Estate Agents to List for Rent in Miami

Here are the best real estate agents to rent a house, condo, or apartment in Miami. These agents have vast experience in renting properties in Miami and surrounding areas.

  1. Sopiko Fueguel Profile Picture

    Sopiko Fueguel

    Sopiko Fueguel focuses on high-end real estate rentals. Sopiko is a well-recognized rental realtor that assists homeowners in listing their properties and getting fast and best results for landlords.

    • Top Rental Realtor In: Aventura, Sunny Isles, and North Miami.
    • Speaks: Russian, Georgian, and English
    • Experience: 7 Years
  2. Claudia Swanes Profile Picture

    Claudia Swanes

    Claudia Swanes is the queen of rentals in South Beach and Miami Beach. Claudia and her team focus on helping landlords find ideal tenants by picturing, marketing, and staging their properties.

    • Top Rental Realtor In: Miami Beach and South Beach.
    • Speaks: English and Spanish
    • Experience: 21 Years
  3. Jose Gomez Falco Profile Picture

    Jose Gomez Falco

    Jose Gomez Falco assists renters in finding their new homes in a fast and professional manner. With years of experience as a rental real estate agent, Jose Gomez knows where and what to aim for with his clients based on their budgets and lifestyle requirements.

    • Top Rental Realtor In: Downtown Miami and Brickell.
    • Speaks: English and Spanish
    • Experience: 6 Years
  4. Peralta Brothers Profile Picture

    Peralta Brothers

    The Peralta Brothers. Marco and Miguel Peralta lead the luxurious rental real estate market in Cutler Bay and Coral Gables with access to the most exclusive listings in the area. They constantly work with high-end clientele finding them exotic and unique properties in Miami.

    • Top Rental Realtor In: Coral Gables and Cutler Bay.
    • Speaks: English
    • Experience: 14 Years
  5. Marvin Smith Profile Picture

    Marvin Smith

    Marvin Smith is a well-known real estate agent that lives and works on rental properties in Hialeah, FL. Marvin and his team achieved the most rented transactions for 2024 in Hialeah.

    • Top Rental Realtor In: Hialeah and Doral.
    • Speaks: English
    • Experience: 8 Years
  6. Gregoria Wilder Profile Picture

    Gregoria Wilder

    Gregoria Wilder services homeowners and tenants in finding the best place to rent in Kendall and Homestead. Gregoria Wilder currently holds the most active listing in Kendall, FL, in June 2024, making it easier and faster for tenants.

    • Top Rental Realtor In: Kendall and Homestead.
    • Speaks: English and Spanish
    • Experience: 7 Years
  7. Heather Mills Profile Picture

    Heather Mills

    Heather Mills is known for being a people person. With a devoted passion for real estate, and the help of her marketing and media team, she offers the fastest rental service in Miami Beach and Downtown Miami.

    • Top Rental Realtor In: Miami Beach and Downtown Miami.
    • Speaks: English and Italian
    • Experience: 5 Years
  8. Rachael Fins Profile Picture

    Rachael Fins

    Rachael fins is a commercial and residential real estate agent that assists corporations and high-end individuals in listing and renting real estate properties in Bal Harbour and Hallandale. She is known for achieving the lowest vacancy rates for their clients.

    • Top Rental Realtor In: Bal Harbour and Hallandale.
    • Speaks: English, Spanish, and French.
    • Experience: 12 Years
  9. Nicole Ferguson Profile Picture

    Nicole Ferguson

    Nicole Ferguson is a real estate agent with a degree in marketing that has shown the South Florida market how to properly list, rent, and secure the best-qualified tenants for landlords.

    • Top Rental Realtor In: South Beach, Miami Beach, and Hollywood Beach.
    • Speaks: English
    • Experience: 9 Years
  10. Andrea Rivero Profile Picture

    Andrea Rivero

    Andrea Rivero is a local Doral resident with a team of real estate agents that help residents in Pinecrest and Sweetwater rent their homes to ideal tenants. She is known for being responsive and driven, treating each rental as her own.

    • Top Rental Realtor In: Pinecrest and Sweetwater.
    • Speaks: English, Spanish, and Portuguese
    • Experience: 4 Years