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Top Realtor in Miami

TOP 10 Miami Real Estate Agents

Discover the top 10 most successful real estate agents in Miami whose success comes from assisting thousands of Miami homeowners and homebuyers. Get to know these highly-acclaimed realtors by exploring their expertise, number of sales, and work ethic.

List of Realtors
Sophie Fueguel verified realtor Sophie Fueguel Miami realtor

Sophie Fueguel

Sophie Fueguel 5 star rating

Realtor Sales:

4.24M / 2022

Speaks: Russian, Georgian & English

Expertise: Sunny Isles Beach

Sophie Fueguel has successfully managed to close half a billion dollars in sales transactions over the last few years. Her charisma, negotiation, and management skills have allowed her and her team to become the preferred choice for luxury real estate transactions in and around Miami.

Gomeh Saias verified realtor Gomeh Saias Miami realtor

Gomeh Saias

Gomeh Saias 5 star rating

Realtor Sales:

3.4M / 2022

Speaks: Hebrew & English

Expertise: Brickell & Downtown Miami

Gomeh Saias is an expert real estate agent with a background in home remodeling and experience as a general contractor. Over the years, Gomeh has become the go-to agent for high-end real estate transactions. He prioritizes his clients' best interests during negotiations, understanding when to buy, when to sell, and which improvements can enhance a property's value.

Claudia Swanes verified realtor Claudia Swanes Miami realtor

Claudia Swanes

Claudia Swanes 5 star rating

Realtor Sales:

2.9M / 2022

Speaks: Spanish & English

Expertise: Brickell & Downtown Miami

Claudia, also known as the Queen of Real Estate in Miami, always looks for the best buying opportunities for investment firms and individual investors. She's a top realtor for investors looking to expand their real estate portfolios. Claudia and her team excel at identifying, negotiating, and closing real estate investments.

Denisse Yllesca verified realtor Denisse Yllesca Miami realtor

Denisse Yllesca

Denisse Yllesca 5 star rating

Realtor Sales:

2.6M / 2022

Speaks: Spanish & English

Expertise: Miami Beach & Miami

Despite being the youngest real estate agent on this list, Denisse Yllesca has consistently closed dozens of million-dollar house transactions in Miami year after year, making her a successful realtor in Miami. Denisse is a relentless negotiator and is recognized as one of Miami's best listing agents for all types of real estate. Both buyers and sellers working with Denisse Yllesca can be confident that her expertise will greatly benefit them.

Miguel Peralta verified realtor Miguel Peralta Miami realtor

Miguel Peralta

Miguel Peralta 5 star rating

Realtor Sales:

2.3M / 2022

Speaks: Spanish & English

Expertise: Aventura & Sunny Isles Beach

Miguel Peralta is a top agent in Miami with an extensive network of both international and national high-end clients. His primary expertise lies in directing his clients' capital toward their next real estate investment, ensuring transactions conclude with ease. Miguel's years of experience, high success rate with investment properties, and seamless transaction handling have solidified his position as one of the most successful real estate agents in Miami.

Irene Lima verified realtor Irene Lima Miami realtor

Irene Lima

Irene Lima 5 star rating

Realtor Sales:

1.85M / 2022

Speaks: Spanish & English

Expertise: Plantation & Fort Lauderdale

Irene Lima, a renowned real estate agent, expertly manages challenging properties and finalizes sales quickly. Homeowners eager to sell can trust Irene to close deals within 30 days. She collaborates with homeowners, investors, pre-construction projects, and luxury condo owners throughout South Florida, offering a 30-day listing agreement to ensure properties go under contract within that timeframe.

Yaire Sanchez verified realtor Yaire Sanchez Miami realtor

Yaire Sanchez

Yaire Sanchez 5 star rating

Realtor Sales:

1.8M / 2022

Speaks: Spanish & English

Expertise: Miami Beach & Downtown Miami

Yaire stands out as a top-selling Miami agent, successfully closing 85% more sale transactions and finalizing sales 60% faster than the average Miami real estate agent. She boasts an extensive list of investors from South America interested in Miami's real estate market, which enables her to quickly identify potential buyers for her listings.

Thessa Milovich verified realtor Thessa Milovich Miami realtor

Thessa Milovich

Thessa Milovich 5 star rating

Realtor Sales:

1.7M / 2022

Speaks: Ucranian & English

Expertise: North Miami Beach, Bay Harbour

Thessa is a trusted realtor in the luxury real estate market. Homeowners who've had the privilege of working with a top-tier agent like Thessa consistently agree on one thing: she excels at selling properties and negotiating the best terms for sellers. Thessa immerses herself in every transaction, ensuring sellers maximize their property's value and prioritizing online visibility for her clients' properties.

Thomas Smith verified realtor Thomas Smith Miami realtor

Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith 5 star rating

Realtor Sales:

1.2M / 2022

Speaks: English

Expertise: Miami Beach & South Beach

Thomas is a successful licensed real estate agent in Miami and Broward County. He primarily serves homeowners and buyers from Miami Beach and South Beach. Thomas and his real estate team assist buyers in finding the best real estate opportunities within their budget and guide sellers in enhancing their property's value and appeal. He's renowned for being among the fastest real estate agents to close transactions and maintain a 5-star customer satisfaction rating.

Rob Diaz verified realtor Rob Diaz Miami realtor

Rob Diaz

Rob Diaz 5 star rating

Realtor Sales:

1.3M / 2022

Speaks: English

Expertise: Bal Harbour & Miami

Rob Diaz is the ideal real estate agent for investors interested in distressed, budget-friendly real estate opportunities in South Florida. With a dedicated marketing and customer service team, Rob is always on the hunt for the next promising investment for his clients. Year after year, his sales record surpasses 95% of other realtors, placing him among the top 10 realtors in Miami. Rob currently works exclusively with his private list of trusted buyers, offering them unique buying opportunities.

The realtors listed above are neither employed by nor associated with PropertiesMiami. They secured a place on this list because of their exceptional performance as some of Miami's best realtors in 2023.

Why PropertiesMiami Stands Out as the Most Successful Real Estate Agency

PropertiesMiami has established standards of excellence in real estate services in Miami. With thousands of successful conventional and high-end real estate transactions under our belt, we consistently aim for customer satisfaction, employ innovative marketing techniques, and maintain a responsive customer service team.

This has earned us the reputation of being one of Miami’s best real estate agencies. Agents at PropertiesMiami receive comprehensive training, utilize state-of-the-art real estate tools, and maintain direct contact with our marketing experts to exceed clients' expectations.

Our real estate team is recognized as among the best professionals in Miami. This recognition isn't just for their individual skills but also for their commitment to honesty, transparency, and integrity.

What to Expect When Working With Top Real Estate Agents

At PropertiesMiami, we prioritize clear communication and peace of mind for our clients. In line with our brokerage policy, buyers and sellers are always in direct touch with their assigned realtors, who are available seven days a week.

Our realtors specialize in specific neighborhoods and cities around Miami, leveraging their in-depth knowledge to provide clients with invaluable insights about their desired areas. Our commitment to excellence ensures a successful transaction and a smooth, rewarding experience, whether you're buying or selling.

Furthermore, every realtor on our team is supported by a dedicated marketing and sales team, ensuring they have all the resources needed for a successful transaction.

Requirements to Become a Real Estate Expert

A real estate expert is an individual who specializes in a specific building or area and keeps updated with relevant information. Key qualities shared by successful real estate experts include:

  • Maintaining a database of buyers and sellers.
  • Prioritizing and having access to marketing resources.
  • Possessing at least 5 years of experience in the real estate industry.
  • Valuing the role of social media in their profession.
  • Demonstrating a deep understanding of financing.
  • Being personable and relatable to clients.

Many assume that a career in real estate is straightforward and offers a lot of freedom. However, this is a misconception. In truth, a dedicated real estate professional often feels closely tied to their job, always seeking ways to expand and improve their career in the industry.

How to Find the Best Realtor

Finding the ideal real estate agent, someone who aligns with your vision and with whom you feel comfortable, is crucial. Begin by reaching out to Properties Miami agency. Specify whether you're looking to buy or sell a property, and where in or around Miami, to be connected with an agent.

To ensure you choose the best realtor for your needs:

  • Ensure your realtor speaks a language in which you're comfortable conversing.
  • Make sure you and your realtor get along well.
  • Choose a realtor who consistently communicates and provides updates.
  • Look for a realtor who understands and shares your vision for the property.
  • Opt for a realtor who instills confidence in you.

Business Oriented Real Estate Agents

A professional real estate agent understands their clients' needs and handles selling or purchasing property as their own transaction. Real estate experts always act in your best interest, striving to sell your property at the highest possible price and negotiate purchases at the lowest. Their primary goal is to secure you the best possible outcome.

To find a realtor that best matches your needs, browse through our list of the top 10 realtors in Miami and connect with one immediately.

The importance of Working With a Great Real Estate Agent

Some Homeowners and Buyers question the reasons why they should work with a real estate agent. The reasons to work with a great real estate agent are;

  • 1. A real estate agent knows how much you can get for your property.
  • 2. A real estate agent knows the market's volatility and will advise you if you should wait or rush a sale or purchase.
  • 3. A real estate agent helps you with minor improvements to list your home at a higher price.
  • 4. A great real estate agent will help you negotiate the property you're trying to purchase.
  • 5. There's always a team of marketing, sales, and staging group behind a successful real estate agent.

There's no reason not to work with a professional real estate agent and their team.