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5000 Island Estates Dr, Aventura, FL 33160, USA

  • FOR SALE 6
  • FOR RENT 1
  • SALE PRICE RANGE $3.4m - $9m
  • RENT PRICE RANGE $20k - $20k
  • BEDROOMS 2 - 6
  • STORIES 16
  • UNITS 80
  • YEAR BUILT 2018

Prive Condos in Aventura

Prive is a condominium like no other in the real estate market of Aventura, Florida. It exclusively occupies an eight-acre island on the scenic waters of Dumfoundling Bay.

Completed in 2017, Prive is comprised of a pair of condominium towers each 16 stories tall. A private bridge connects this high-end development to the Aventura mainland.

There are 160 luxury condo residences in all in the twin towers of Prive. These residential units offer choices on two-, three-, four-, and five-bedroom floor plans. Their sizes range from 2,585 to over 9,500 square feet.

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Prive Condos for Sale and Rent

6-Bedroom Condos for Sale in Prive

5000 Island Estates Dr  Condo Image

5000 Island Estates Dr

Aventura, FL

  • Bedrooms6
  • Bathrooms6
  • Square footage4,398 ft2

Date Listed: Oct 12, 2023


4-Bedroom Condos for Sale in Prive

5000 Island Estates Dr 501S Condo Image

5000 Island Estates Dr 501S

Aventura, FL

  • Bedrooms4
  • Bathrooms5
  • Square footage3,927 ft2

Date Listed: Nov 1, 2022

5000 Island Estates Dr 1202 + 1s Condo Image

5000 Island Estates Dr 1202 + 1s

Aventura, FL

  • Bedrooms4
  • Bathrooms5
  • Square footage3,613 ft2

Date Listed: Jun 24, 2019

$4,150,000 Price Increase

3-Bedroom Condos for Sale in Prive

5500 Island Estates Dr #802 Condo Image

5500 Island Estates Dr #802

Aventura, FL

  • Bedrooms3
  • Bathrooms4
  • Square footage2,750 ft2

Date Listed: Dec 5, 2023

5500 Island Estates Dr #707 Condo Image

5500 Island Estates Dr #707

Aventura, FL

  • Bedrooms3
  • Bathrooms4
  • Square footage2,979 ft2

Date Listed: Sep 20, 2023

5000 Island Estates Dr #507 Condo Image

5000 Island Estates Dr #507

Aventura, FL

  • Bedrooms3
  • Bathrooms4
  • Square footage2,626 ft2

Date Listed: Nov 28, 2023


3-Bedroom Condos for Rent in Prive

5000 Island Estates Dr #1205 Condo Image

5000 Island Estates Dr #1205

Aventura, FL

  • Bedrooms3
  • Bathrooms4
  • Square footage3,085

Date Listed: Aug 7, 2023


4-Bedroom Sold Condos in Prive

5500 Island Estates Dr #1505 Condo Image

5500 Island Estates Dr #1505

Aventura, FL

  • Bedrooms4
  • Bathrooms6
  • Square footage3,984

Date Listed: Feb 13, 2023

Sold For $6,000,000

3-Bedroom Sold Condos in Prive

5000 Island Estates Dr #702 Condo Image

5000 Island Estates Dr #702

Aventura, FL

  • Bedrooms3
  • Bathrooms4
  • Square footage2,709

Date Listed: Jul 8, 2023

Sold For $3,000,000

Studios Sold in Prive

5000 Island Estates Dr  Condo Image

5000 Island Estates Dr

Aventura, FL

  • Bedrooms0
  • Bathrooms0
  • Square footage0

Date Listed: Sep 3, 2023

Sold For $265,000

Prive Condo Sizes

List of condo sizes in Prive building.

  • 6-Bedroom Condo Size: 4,398 sqft.
  • 4-Bedroom Condo Sizes: 3,927 sqft, 3,613 sqft, 3,865 sqft, 3,984 sqft, 3,867 sqft.
  • 3-Bedroom Condo Sizes: 3,085 sqft, 2,626 sqft, 2,979 sqft, 2,750 sqft, 2,830 sqft, 2,791 sqft, 2,709 sqft.
  • 2-Bedroom Condo Sizes: 2,567 sqft, 2,350 sqft.

Prive HOA Fees

List of Prive homeowners association monthly fees. These fees are based on the square footage of the condo and are due to the homeowner.

  • 6-Bedroom HOA Fee:$7,695 per month.
  • 4-Bedroom HOA Fee:$1,154 per month.


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Prive Location

5000 Island Estates Dr, Aventura, FL 33160, USA

Prive Condo Highlights

Prive Condominium Amenities

Prive provides various amenities that celebrate a waterfront lifestyle within its unique island setting. This condominium complex offers the following faculties:

  • Private beach & beach club
  • Beach-entry pool
  • North-South lap pool
  • Private marina & jetty
  • Outdoor Jacuzzis
  • Onsite dining facilities
  • Social rooms
  • Lighted tennis court
  • Fitness center and spa
  • Kids’ playground
  • A jogging path
  • Business center

Prive Condo Owners' Association Fees

The condo owners' association fee in Prive depends on the building location and type of unit, and its square footage. Below are monthly owners' association fees for Prive condos:

  • 6,200-SQFT, 6-bedroom unit pays $7,096
  • 4,399-SQFT, 5-bedroom unit pays $4,500
  • 3,461-SQFT, 4-bedroom unit pays $3,072
  • 2,877-SQFT, 3-bedroom unit pays $2,574
  • 2,518-SQFT, 2-bedroom unit pays $2,670

Prive's condo dues cover the use of all amenities and services in the Prive building, including water, sewer, and trash removal.

Prive Condominium Neighborhood

Prive is just some 10 minutes away from the posh Aventura Mall, the third-largest mall in the U.S. The two golf courses of Turnberry Isle and its country club facilities are notably just west of this mall. The William Lehman Causeway on the southern flank of Aventura Mall, on the other hand, unlocks eastward access to the popular beaches of South Florida.

The residents of Prive also enjoy proximity to the Oleta River State Park, which is touted as the largest urban park in Florida. Covering over a thousand acres, this park is a haven for mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, and swimming.

The city of Aventura also operates and owns several parks near Prive. These include Veterans Park which has a children's playground.

Prive Condominium Real Estate Agents

It would be well advised to engage the real estate agents of PropertiesMiami whether you're interested in buying or selling a unit in Prive. We have agents who are specialized in market opportunities in this condominium.

Market activity in Prive is quite dynamic, given its lofty status on the Aventura real estate market. Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, ownership of about a dozen units in this condominium changed hands during the first half of 2021.

Keeping track of such market data is part of our Prive real estate agents' know-how that benefits buyers and sellers. Our agents also have established a wide network of potential investors ever on the lookout for purchase opportunities. Similarly, they have valuable contacts within Prive who are a valuable source of information on new listings forthcoming.

Prive Condo Rental Requirements

PropertiesMiami real estate agents also have close working relationships with the condo owners association of Prive and its property management contractor—KW Property Management & Consulting. We can thus provide valuable inputs for prospective tenants in this condominium to help them secure a lease.

Truly exclusive in its character, the condo owners association of Prive allows a minimum lease period of 12 months. A lease applicant must have a total household pre-tax income equivalent to three times the rent of the Prive condo for rent. The tenants are responsible for all the utility costs of their rented unit.

The rental requirements and policies in luxury condos like Prive can be revised or updated. Hence, it is smart to work with PropertiesMiami agents who are constantly on the watch on the goings-on in this property.

Prive Condo Units for Rent

Start a search for an available unit for rent in Prive through the link above. It will also be convenient to contact our PropertiesMiami real estate agents specialized in the Prive condominium. Rentals in this property are very much in demand and available units are few and listings far between.

A 3-bedroom Prive condo with a floor area of 2,830 square feet was leased for $12,000 monthly in March 2021 after only about a month from its listing as for rent. As of July 2021, there is only one available condo for lease in Prive. It also features three bedrooms within its living area of 2,709 square feet, but its monthly rent is higher at $28,000. For other options in Aventura condos for rent, our link on this page likewise opens to plenty of rental listings.

Prive Condo Units for Sale

Our convenient "Buy" link above this page provides convenient access to listings of Prive condos for sale. This list provides the most recent updates of newly listed units. Buyers can also track price reductions in our listing, essential information when negotiating with a seller.

Importantly, PropertiesMiami agents notably have industry contacts who alert us that new listings are forthcoming. Advanced market information is vital when eyeing Prive purchase opportunities. The most desirable units in this condominium sell quickly. A six-bedroom Prive unit with a floor area of 5,753 square feet was notably sold fast in January 2021. In a multimillion dollar deal, a buyer closed the sale on this condo after only about 3 weeks of its market listing.

Selling Your Prive Condo

List your condo for sale in Prive through PropertiesMiami's real estate agents who have a firm understanding of this development. Our experts offer a mastery of the luxury market segment for which Prive caters.

PropertiesMiami real estate agents covering Prive run marketing programs that give maximum market exposure to Prive sales listings. Our agents exactly know the target market for this property. Using the latest in communication techniques, they can highlight the best features of this condominium and its available units.

Best of all, PropertiesMiami has compiled a database of investors ever on the lookout for prime opportunities on the market. Tapping this resource, Prive condos that PropertiesMiami lists on the market are well-positioned to get the top dollars from buyers.

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