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Properties Miami can help you find real estate deals in Hollywood. Through the years, we have assisted hundreds of clients in finding homes, apartments, condos and investment properties within the area. Using our newly-organized system, we can also help you access hundreds of new listings that will meet your living standards and financial profile. We also coordinate with various real estate developers within Hollywood in marketing their projects through our wide network of new and repeated clients. If you have inquiries about our real estate services, contact us in your most convenient time and we can assign to you one of our local real estate agents in Hollywood.

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Hollywood Real Estate Statistics

  • 2553 Total Properties
  • 570 Listed in Jun
  • 570 Listed Today
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Hollywood Buildings

Hollywood Apartments For Sale & For Rent

  • 7 Units for Sale
  • 54 Units for Rent
Alexander Towers Alexander Towers condo image
  • 3 Units for Sale
  • 4 Units for Rent
Diplomat Residences Diplomat Residences condo image
  • 6 Units for Sale
  • 4 Units for Rent
Aquarius Aquarius condo image
  • 35 Units for Sale
  • 4 Units for Rent
Costa Hollywood Costa Hollywood condo image
  • 32 Units for Sale
  • 10 Units for Rent
Hallmark of Hollywood Hallmark of Hollywood condo image
  • 77 Units for Sale
  • 21 Units for Rent
Hyde Beach Hyde Beach condo image
  • 5 Units for Sale
  • 7 Units for Rent
Ocean Palms Ocean Palms condo image
  • 11 Units for Sale
  • 13 Units for Rent
Quadomain Quadomain condo image
  • 4 Units for Sale
  • 6 Units for Rent
Residences on Hollywood Residences on Hollywood condo image
  • 0 Units for Sale
  • 0 Units for Rent
Sage Beach Sage Beach condo image
  • 19 Units for Sale
  • 45 Units for Rent
Sea Air Towers Sea Air Towers condo image
  • 25 Units for Sale
  • 22 Units for Rent
Sian Ocean Residences Sian Ocean Residences condo image
  • 15 Units for Sale
  • 94 Units for Rent
The Wave The Wave condo image
  • 46 Units for Sale
  • 39 Units for Rent
Tides Tides condo image
  • 9 Units for Sale
  • 6 Units for Rent
Trump Hollywood Trump Hollywood condo image
  • 2 Units for Sale
  • 1 Units for Rent
Villas Of Positano Villas Of Positano condo image
  • 7 Units for Sale
  • 2 Units for Rent
The Waves The Waves condo image

Hollywood Home Sellers: List & Sell Your Property

Instant Hollywood Home Valuation

We at Properties Miami can assist you in finding a buyer for your home. Our local real estate agents in Hollywood can negotiate for the best offers based on the existing market value within the location.

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List & Sell Your Property in Hollywood

Properties Miami can help you list & sell your property in Hollywood through our local real estate agents who are the experts in the area. Through our advanced system, we can expose your property listing to hundreds of potential home buyers and property investors. We will start marketing the moment you agree to list & sell your property with us.

You can count on us to exert our efforts to make your listing stand out and effectively reach its target market. Our local agents in Hollywood will provide you with the latest updates until the deal has finally been closed.

Hollywood Top Local Real Estate Agents

We have local real estate agents assigned in every territory and we can connect you right away to one of our top agents in Hollywood. We believe that you deserve to find the best property for your family and business; and there is no better person who can help you than a local agent who is familiar with the neighborhood and knows the market value of properties within the area by heart.

We can assure you that our local agents in Hollywood can offer you multiple options for houses, apartments, condo units, buildings and various investment properties. And, whether you are buying, selling, renting or looking for an investment in Hollywood, our real estate agents will find means to help you land a good deal.

Advanced Hollywood Real Estate Search

Properties Miami features a platform that allows its users to perform an advanced search within the system to find all the best deals within Hollywood. The system retrieves all related properties listed in MLS to incorporate them with our own private listings. As our client, you can depend on our platform to discover properties in Hollywood that you would not find elsewhere.

We try to expose all the best deals in Hollywood so we can thoroughly guide you through the process of acquiring, keeping and investing on your choice of real estate property.

Property Management Services in Hollywood

Properties Miami offers one of the most comprehensive property management services in Hollywood. We take care of our clients investments from an owners perspective. We provide a complete line of services like evaluation of prospective tenants, rent collection, maintenance and bills payment.

We also take care of the marketing aspect, agreement contracts and documentation. Regular updates are likewise sent to our clients. You can count on our professional property management services in Hollywood to take care of these aspects so you can focus on more important things that matter to you and your business.

Properties for Sale & for Rent in Hollywood

Our local real estate agents in Hollywood will make sure that you are never short of housing options. Depending on certain factors such as your budget, lifestyle, priorities and preferred location, our local agents can help you find the most suitable home where you can live comfortably.

Our local real estate agents have access to numerous apartments, condo units, single-dwelling homes and townhouses all over Hollywood. Whether you are looking to buy or rent, we will make sure that you will get the best deal you can find.

Private Cash Buyers in Hollywood

We at Properties Miami maintain a database of verified private cash buyers in Hollywood who are serious about buying properties. This means that we can help you sell your property fast and easily based on your own terms. Our local real estate agents in Hollywood can negotiate for the best price and you can count on them to present to you the best deal you can find.

They make use of advanced tools to generate successful sales; and are committed to giving our clients the convenience they deserve when selling their property.

Private Lenders in Hollywood

Properties Miami can help you find private lenders that can finance your property investment. Our real estate agents in Hollywood can offer you various financing solutions that suit your needs and current situation. We will make sure that you will get competitive rates and convenient monthly payment terms for your mortgage.

We currently have an existing partnership with private lenders in Hollywood and we can help you pre-qualify within minutes and achieve fast approval for the funding process.

Find Foreclosure Properties in Hollywood

If you are looking for properties that have lower selling prices and low down payment rates, we can help you find the best foreclosure properties in Hollywood. In addition to that, you can also expect to pay lower monthly payment rates.

Foreclosure properties in Hollywood are usually sold as is thus you can count on our local real estate agents to guide you through the process of acquiring the property and in negotiating for the best price. They can make sure that the property is within the correct price range to achieve a win-win situation between the seller and the buyer.

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